Laws Edit

Section 1:

  • Disruption of illegal website names and/or content is illegal.
  • Disruption of suggestive/nude child pornographic photos is illegal.
  • Disruption of illegitimate services which can affect the network is illegal.
  • Use of illegal exploits/hacks which can badly affect the game or the network in general is illegal.
  • Cyber-bullying and harassment within the network is illegal.
  • Trade services such as tobacco/drugs/alcohol is illegal.
  • Prostitution and criminal sexual activity is illegal.

Section 2:

  • Disruption of sensitive information such as phone numbers and addresses can be illegal.
  • Cyber-threats and exposure of a user is illegal.
  • Impersonating authorities such as police is illegal.
  • Use of vulgar language towards a user's sex/race/religion (etc) can be illegal.
  • Copyrighting of simple content such as user information can be illegal.
  • Copyrighting of advanced content such as websites and applications is illegal.
  • Graphically violent/gory imagery can be illegal.

Section 3:

  • Hazing on the network is illegal.
  • Impersonating authorities more of the creator or administration can be illegal.
  • Passing on inaccurate information of any authorities can be illegal.
  • Vigilantism on the network can be illegal.
  • Revealing governmental or other legal information is illegal.
  • Making false statements of one's whereabouts can be illegal.

Punishments Edit

  • Jailtime
  • Currency Fines
  • Removal of devices or other property
  • A Warning
  • A Hearing Before a Judge

Notes Edit

  • Some actions can only be considered "illegal" based on context and the specified law's rules.
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