Act #222211 Edit

The Majorus act is a protection of governmental and/or vigilante or vigilante services' confidentiality. When this act is in order, it is illegal to bypass the laws of regulation, among immunity of individual users/groups, which can lead to fines or jail time. Suppressing orders is not legal during the act, as it is the client's right(s) to have freedom of speech and creation and/or use of vigilante services, without being drawn towards the conclusion it is illegal or not a good thing to do. The act does not allow people to be above other people, unless such power(s) can be proven to the user(s) in questioning. It is illegal to try to dismiss this act unless it is the consent of the users, and full given permission to dismiss the act in federal or supreme court. Any threats will not legally stand in corrosion to have the act lifted, and will result in immediate hearing in court, and charges will be filed against the person(s) that have threatened the user(s) in any way possible. Under state law (such as New York), there is no hazing or bullying allowed within the act, or any other form of illegal activity if the user(s) are under the Majorus act or not. No person, even the highest in office, can lift this because, to extent, it is third amendment laws, and cannot be dealt with by non-police services, or other vigilante/invigilate services. Investigation can be put underway, as a focused and primary task to the force(s), if a person suspects that a Majorus act was dismissed by person(s) threatening anything or anyone to remove it. The act lasts for 7 years, or until immunity is broken, or the consented dismissal of the act on themselves is dismissed by judge, in court. The act is in fact vigilante service, but does come in tact due to the fact it not being broken or used can affect a person's third amendment rights, leading to sue of the city and/or companies and police services. Questions of this act can be brought upon self by emailing, the FBI Captain of NZ, US, UK, CA, and MX. The gmail is not an official police business service, as it is only for personal uses, and not governmental/politic related content. The act has been in tact since early 1998, January, and is still an act permitted by services as of this day.