Introduction and History Edit

The SDLEG was a group created after the events of the SGK in 2009-2014, SDLEG was made in 2014, and was founded by Zika. The group ensured that dating services, sexual content, romantic situations, among other unwanted or inappropriate behavior was restricted on gaming networks. During the organization's time, successors such as Necro, the creator of the SGK, and founder, allied over to help Zika on his path to making the SDLEG a good organization. The Blockheads, [early] Terraria, Minecraft and Roblox were the four main focuses on keeping inappropriate content out of each individual gaming network. The SDLEG died in 2016, leading onto the third part of the organization, the BCIS.

Goals Edit

Keeping multiplayer video games appropriate for children in many ways was their main priority. Their motives were quite clear as no damage was brought to the games in question, but rather than injury, healing. They revealed their motives in 2016. They were shown to have more mercy over bad users, making it less successful than the SGK.

Members Edit

There were several existing members found after the SDLEG was created. Little info is known, but some is of relevance to the subject. These members include:

  • Zika (Leader)[1]
  • Hellonoii (Co-Leader/Employer)[2]
  • Cyclopsis (Second-in-Command)[3]
  • Fear (Second-in-Command)[4]
  • Rotox (Second-in-Commnand)[5]
  • Scree (General)[6]
  • Terror (General)[7]
  • Injustindo (General)[8]
  • Ovaia (General)[9]
  • Inato (General)[10]
  • Toro Blademaster (General)[11]
  • JK (General)[12]
  • Papi Z (Commander)[13]
  • Girly 666 (Commander)[14]
  • Satanic Nancy (Commander)[15]
  • Freezade (Member)[16]

Community Ties Edit

The SDLEG had ties to communities, rather than being vigilante, they worked for gaming administrators and moderators on gaming applications. These ties include:

  • David Frampton (Creator of Blockheads)
  • Camilla Koutsos (Community Manager of Blockheads)
  • Markus Peresson (Creator of Minecraft)
  • Jens Bergensten (Designer of Minecraft)
  • Andrew Spinks (Lead Developer of Terraria)
  • Whitney Spinks (Lead Developer of Terraria)
  • David Phelps (Business Manager of Terraria)
  • Ted Murphy (Administrator of Terraria)
  • Yorai Omer (Lead Developer of Terraria)
  • David Baszucki (Founder of Roblox)

Conclusion Edit

The SDLEG was a group worked hard on, but was the least successful of the three ended groups. It may not have been successful but played an important part in the legacy of the BSD.

Notes Edit

  • "SDLEG" stands for "Sex, Date, Love Editing Group", as it cut out inappropriate content such as dating or sexual intercourse or behaviors.
  • Some members of the SDLEG were recruited to the BCIS, these members include: Fear, Rotox, Scree, Terror.
  • SDLEG was likely the least successful due to the young age of their leader, Zika.
  • Zika was in fact intelligent, but lacked leadership skills.
  • The group is known to have had over 200 members, including Zika and the members shown on this thread.

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