David M. Edit

Sex: Male

Age: 47

Birthday: October 31, 1970

Location: Arizona, US

Family: ???

Allies: Necro, Zika, Fear, Rotox, Scree, Terror, Sensor Diablo, Sickle, Destiowing, Configs, Regen, Hellonoii, Cyclopsis, Amphibiator, Threeface, Demonoid, Donconda, Rippershredder, Scumlaw, Desoloth, Dackatsaur, Zenopopper, Gooaloo, Yellington

Last known Alias: SHADOWMERE BCIS

Rank: Leader

Notes Edit

  • He is the oldest living BCIS member.
  • He has a job as a governmental interviewer.
  • He works for a police captain known as "Majorus".
  • He was never known to cause any problems, especially on the job.
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